Gee Gardens Light Deprivation Greenhouse Proposal

Real Gee’s Don’t Settle for 1 Harvest Each Year

Gee Gardens, Light Deprivation Green Houses
30′ x 98′ Fully Automated Light Deprivation, Weather Resistant, Temperature Controlled
Light Deprivation Greenhouses
Light Deprivation Greenhouses Allow Us To Control When Our Girls Bloom  & How many times we bloom per year.






  • Cost Per Greenhouse: $65,000-$95,000 ea dependent upon upgrade options.
  • Available Ground Space: 2,940 sqft per greenhouse
  • Plants Per Greenhouse: 900
  • Average Harvest Per Plant: 1/2lb-1lb (All figures were based off 1/2lb per plant)
  • Monthly Contract Pricing: -50lb $420/lb
  • Monthly Contract Pricing 50+lb: $375/lb
  • Monthly Contract Pricing 100+lb: $325/lb
  • Spot Buy Price: $500-$750
  • Estimated Revenue Per Greenhouse Per Grow: $165,000-$225,000
  • Grows Per Year: 3
  • Total Revenue Per Greenhouse Per Year: $495,000-$675,000
  • Total Number Of Proposed Greenhouses Year 1: 2 scaling to 4 Year two

Target Audience:

Target audience to sell hemp bud

  1. Current list of 2,000+ Customers Who Have Purchased CBD From One of My CBD Ventures
  2. 2 Tobacco Companies looking for contracts of combined 500lb per month for pre rolls
  3. Alibaba
  4. Hemp Raw Market
  5. Retail Packaged Distributors (this income was not figured above, all numbers were done off wholesale bulk)
  6. We will also design a display full of hemp buds, various strains, weights, and options will be available. We will then target large scale distributors to expand rapidly.
  7. Will utilize our affiliates as well as youtube & social media influencer’s as well as our own SEO strategies to expand our reach

Total Allowance Requested For Growhouses: $200,000

ROI: 50% Over 2 Years

Invest $200,000

Return: $260,000

Pre Payment Penalty: None

Proposed Re-Payment Terms:

Payment 1: 90 Days after Harvest 1 Year 1: $42,000

Payment 2: 90 Days after Harvest 2: $42,000

Payment 3: 90 Days after Harvest 3 Year 1: $42,000

Payment 4: 90 Days after Harvest 1 Year 2: $42,000

Payment 5: 90 Days after Harvest 2 Year 2: $42,000

Payment 6: 90 Days after Harvest 3 Year 2:  Balloon Payment $50,000

Total Repayment of $260,000

50% ROI in 2 Years!

Total Revenue over 2 years:

2 Greenhouses 30 x 98

900 Plants Per Greenhouse

Low End 224g Per Plant

$990,000 – $1,350,000

Plant Cost is Included in Overall Planting Fund Needs Page

Interested Greenhouse Investor
If you would like to allow us to utilize your assets to build our business, we would be more than happy to grow your investment by 50% over the course of two years.
We receive 3-5 entries daily from this form. It's impossible to meet with everyone each day on top of our current customer load. We schedule meetings based on level of interest. Time is of essence and is prioritized.
Please briefly introduce yourself, your profession, why you are interested in investing into Gee Gardens? Over the past year, we've had several companies approach as interested investors only to obtain our business plan. 2 of which are now fully operational. While I know it's uncommon for an investor to sign NDA, and we respect this. However, we are only interested in speaking to those who are willing to show their credibility prior to any proprietary information being released. We understand if you can not agree to this, and thank you for your time however we will not make any exceptions.


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