Letter of Intent 1

Letter of Intent to Purchase

Gee Gardens

Federal Tax Id: 83-4467644

Our Telephone #: +1 (303) 241-9791

Our Email: sales{@} Gee Gardens .com

Mailing Address: 3615 S. Tamarac Dr. Suite 302 Denver Colorado 80237

Want to make a purchase or lock in a price for an extended amount of time? Great, please fill out the letter of intent below and we will contact you to complete your purchase.

Letter Of Intent To Purchase
Notify Gee Gardens of your intent to purchase bulk hemp products.
When would you like to receive your initial order, If you need a recurring contract, please list the details of your shipment frequency here as well.
What do you expect to fairly pay per kilogram of active cannabinoid? Please note, we are not trying to be the cheapest cbd manufacturer. We are trying to be sustainable, make good money, and deliver a product that allows you confidently stand behind your product knowing quality was not sacrificed in order to be cheap.
Company Registered Name - Company Physical Address - Company EIN Number if US Registered - If amount of loi exceeds $250,000 per order please also list your business banking information so our attorney may call and verify funds prior to moving forward.

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