Gee Gardens was founded by Chris Eoff, former co founder of CBDDY™.


Name: Chris Eoff

Age: 32

Professional Experience: 4 Years Plumber, Served 6 Years in the U.S Army National Guard 11B Infantry, Automotive Paint and Body, Entrepreneur, Certified Hustler, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, html, Former Realtor. Cannabis Consulting, CBD Product Research and Development, Cannabis Extraction and Isolation. Multiple Cannabis Distribution Networks. Large Network of like minded cannabis professionals across the world.

Kids: 2 Daughters

Residence: Cabot, Arkansas recently moved to Walsenburg Co.

Personal Goal: Be financially independent by the age 40. Buy my daughters a car for graduation, buy them a house, and offer to help them open their own business in whatever niche they want and allow them to do this without struggling like I had to. Find someone similar to myself, build a relationship and offer them the opportunity to accomplish their goals and utilize my money to do so. Of course growing my overall in the event of success. 

Cannabis Experience

May or May Not Have Experience:

  • May or May Not Have Done Cannabis Extractions Prior to Legalization
  • May or May Not Have Cultivated Cannabis Indoors both using Soil & or Hydroponic methods.
  • May or May Not Have 10+ Years Off and On of Cannabis Sales Experience
  • May or May Not Make All of My Own Canna Concentrates

Verifiable Experience & Industry Accomplishments

  • Built a CBD Brand With Over 2,000 Customers from Scratch in 12 mo 
  • Registered a CBD Trademark CBDDY™
  • Performed Ethanol Extractions
  • Fractional Cannabis Distillation
  • Cannabidiol Isolation 
  • Minor Experience in Hydrocarbon Extraction
  • Minor Experience in Co2 Extraction
  • CBD Product Infusion
  • CBD Product Formulation
  • CBD Product R&D
  • CBD Branding & Private Labeling Services
  • Cannabis Consulting 
  • Cannabis Brokerage 
  • Cannabis Business Development
  • Own a Powerful Cannabis Blog Network That Allows Me To Quickly Rank Organically With Any New Project In The Space
  • Cannabis Friendly Facebook Clone (
  • Cannabis SEO
  • Cannabis Web Design
  • Cannabis Payment Processing Network
  • Cannabis Networking 
  • Product & Business Expansion, Relationships, and Networking Skills
  • Invites to all the hottest trade shows, and personal invites to speak at such
  • Have Become a Known Asset in the Hemp CBD Industry & Working On Becoming an Asset in The Thc Industry as well with planned expansion into low Thc CBD tinctures extracted from Marijuana. This will allow expansion of our products into the dispensaries in Colorado. A very low competitive niche market in the Thc industry currently.
  • Between three sales platforms utilized, my product listings receive over 100,000 unique views per month. All of which are currently very under utilized due to product and fund availability.

Below you will find a table of contents of Gee Gardens Investment Offering consists of. Click on each link to view detailed information including total dollar amount requested,repayment, as well as many other useful details you may ask yourself prior to investing a large sum of money into their company.


Table of Contents

  1. Gee Gardens Ranch – The Nitty Gritty on the Proposed Hemp Farm Requested Allowance: $1m
  2. Automated Light Deprivation Greenhouses- Light Dep Greenhouses Requested Allowance: $200k
  3. Precision Extraction: The Judge Requested Allowance: $40,000
  4. Rotary Evaporator: Import from China Requested Allowance: $10,000 for Multiple Units
  5. Distillation: BR Instruments Fractional Distillation Requested Allowance: $98,000
  6. Glass Reaction Chambers: Import from China Requested Allowance: $10,000 for Multi Units
  7. Vacuum Ovens: Purchase small initial oven from Grow Warehouse in Co. Springs for $2,000 use this while waiting for imported from china or other local source larger size commercial vacuum ovens. Total requested allowance: $10,000
  8. Modular Extraction Building: Requested Allowance: $120,000
  9. Lab Equipment: Beakers, other hand items, packaging for distillate, isolate, (premium packaging so we can charge premium prices. i.e, if the container cost $40 for the distillate, but we sale for $1,000 more per kilo, we will pay the $40 for the black container that doesn’t allow the sun to threaten the integrity of the active ingredients or appearance of the product. Requested Allowance: $15,000
  10. Mobile Analytical Potency Testing Device:  Requested Allowance: $15,000 (removes need to have products tested multiple times during formulation steps, removing $100 ea time. With our extensive list of products and new ones added daily, this is a drastic reduction in operating expense. We still need the final 3rd party verification and I’ve left a padding in this requested amount for those.
  11.  Farm Equipment: Requested Allowance: $100,000 (tractor, disk, planter)
  12. Harvesting Equipment: Bud Trimmers, Drying Nets, Insulated Metal Building For Curing, Premium Packaging for Qty. Up to 5lb hemp buds, and Nitrogen Injector to keep fresh when stored. Locked, Surveillance camera protected as well as armed physically guarded building for storage of all finished flower ready to be sold. Requested Allowance: $150,000 (Will scale from this)
  13. Integrated Labeling: On Demand Product Label Printer: Requested Allowance: $10,000
  14. Manufacturing Equipment: Gummy Depositor $17,000, Topical Depositors $7500, Conveyors $5000, Gummy Molds $60/ea, Automatic Bottle Filling, labeling, capping, Assembly Line $65,000 Requested Allowance: $100,000
  15. Manufacturing Building: Metal Insulated Building Requested Allowance: $50,000
  16. Manufacturing Metal Tables: Requested Allowance: $5,000
  17. Employee Time Clocks and Asset Protection: Requested Allowance $5,000
  18. Computers – Requested Allowance $2,000
  19. 12mo Working Capital Requested Amount: $250,000 Working Capital Account (meaning only as justified for minor growth opportunities that arise and labor.
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