2019 Hemp Bud Harvest Pre Order

Indoor Hemp Buds

1,500lb Top Shelf High CBD Hemp Flower Available for Pre Sale & Contract

Pre Order Cherry Wine Hemp Bud For Just $375/lb Minimum Pre-Order is 5lb and the minimum frequency is monthly. So to pre buy in at the absolute minimum it will cost: $2812 for 5 lbs monthly. This amount includes your balloon payment .

Please keep in mind if you decide to pass up on these prices & guarantees of stock, please do not come up to us later

We’ve began accepting pre orders on our smokable hemp flower.

Why would you Pre order a crop that is not yet there? If you’ve been in this industry even six months you have probably lost substantial amount of revenue due to sourcing issues. ie, your supplier ran out, or your supplier disappeared, or your supplier jacks the prices around on you so much that you can not keep up with your product costs.

What monetary benefits does Pre ordering Hemp Bud carry? 

  1. Save $300 on each pound you contract the entire year of 2019
  2. Jump to the front of the competition with substantially lower buy price you can now afford to grow into the wholesale hemp bud distribution business.
  3. With Weekly – Semi Weekly – and monthly delivery options available
    Please keep in mind that we are pre selling a total of 1,500lb at this time, this is for the entire year and we will add or subtract as needed. This is only half of expected return to be modest on returns.

I’ve never pre ordered before, can you walk me through it? 

Here is an example of a pre order

Amount Price Locked Per Shipment: 100lb

Price Lock: $375/lb

Order Frequency: Monthly

Period: 1 Year

In order to make your contract official it requires your signature,

With the above example, you would place this pre order with one of our sales professionals. Your account manager will then present you with a contract stating our responsibilities as well as yours.


Your Expectations: Pay for your first order and half of your final months order, Keep Property Presentable

Make sense?

The example above you ordered 100lb per month every month for 1 year. So your payment schedule would look something like this

Down Payment:

$375×100= $37,500 For First Shipment

$18,750 for 50% Payment 12

  • Total Down Month 1: $56,250
  • Month 2 $37,500
  • Month 3 $37,500
  • Month 4 $37,500
  • Month 5 $37,500
  • Month 6 $37,500
  • Month 7 $37,500
  • Month 8 $37,500
  • Month 9 $37,500
  • Month 10 $37,500
  • Month 11 $37,500
  • Month 12 $18,750

Contract will have been successfully filled at this point. This means we can now renegotiate if either wish to on price, qty, etc.

What happens if you miss a payment? 

While it’s highly frowned upon, we understand life happens. For this reason, we’re very transparent on our policies on this topic. If you miss only one payment within your 12 mo hemp contract, we can overlook just one per year. If you miss 2, 3, or 4 we will no longer sale to you and we will

What happens if I find a lower price? 

This is where we see what type of character you have and decide if you are a professional or a thug. You will also forfeit you 50% of payment 12 and any other deposits you placed. Don’t forget it goes both ways.

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